Donate or Volunteer

To provide this program to students across the state, Building Hope Inc. has become a non-profit organization. While we have covered a large portion of the cost, we want to get the community involved. The average cost for a Building Hope program is $5,500.00.

If you are unable to volunteer, consider donating to our cause through the PayPal button below! Building Hope can accept donations of any proportion, and they will be tax exempt. Thank you!

Volunteer Sign Up

To volunteer for an event, please view our Events Calendar and fill out the following information.

Please Note: Volunteers must be able to stay for the entire event.

Volunteer Expectations

Your Role

Your role as an Adult Volunteer is crucial for the success of the day. To be a positive facilitator you simply need to bring an open mind and be willing to share your own experiences with students. Your participation allows students to “see another side” of adults outside of their typical role in the community. 


Please dress in comfortable, casual clothing and shoes (jeans, t-shirts, sweat shirts and gym shoes are encouraged!). We recommend that suits, skirts and dresses NOT be worn for comfort and ease of movement.

What to Bring

Only bring yourself and a caring heart to Building Hope. Lunch will be provided. We ask that you turn off your cell phone, or anything that will distract you from being fully engaged.

Important Information

Volunteers must be able to stay for the entire event. Building Hope is a one-day commitment from 7:30am – 2:30pm.

For each program, we need approximately 40 – 50 volunteers to participate throughout the day. Please plan on participating fully to the degree that you feel safe, emotionally and physically.

Building Hope staff closely monitors the program and will be giving clear instruction throughout the day. Each volunteer will be placed with 4 – 5 students depending on how many volunteers we get, and Adult Volunteers are never alone with a student.

We will meet with all Adult Volunteers prior to the start of the program to discuss program specifics and answer any questions you may have.