Building Hope has been helping students “Be Difference Makers” since 2017. Through the use of our high energy, multiple stimulus, one-day presentations, we can assist your students and staff in catalyzing positive change in the culture of your school.

What is Building Hope?

Since 1863, West Virginia has utilized our natural resources to power the nation. Though we have always considered energy to be our most prominent resource, it is time to redirect the spotlight to our principle and most influential resource, our YOUTH. At Building Hope, we strive to teach students empathy, understanding, and compassion, while promoting career opportunities in the construction and natural gas industries.

The Building Hope program is based on curriculum created by Changepoint Learning of Cincinnati, Ohio. The program promotes anti-bullying by enlightening students to hardships their classmates may be experiencing, whether it be abuse, fanatical hardship, addiction, or health issues. Students participate in a series of activities that break down stereotypical barriers, allowing them to relate to classmates on a deeper level.

President of Bear Contracting and West Virginia native, Mark Urso has been involved in the construction and natural gas industry for most of his life. As a student, Mark was bullied for his learning challenges. By using his own experiences and knowledge, Mark has designed Building Hope to show West Virginia youth that no matter the struggles they face, they are not alone and there are career opportunities in their own back yard.

Who is Bear Contracting?

Operating out of Clarksburg, West Virginia, Bear Contracting is a growing organization that specializes in multiple facets of the construction and natural gas industries. Heavy highway construction, asphalt paving, underground utilities, earthmoving and excavation, well pad construction, and pump stations are just a few areas where Bear Contracting excels.

Who is Changepoint Learning?

Founded by Pete and Robyn Bryant, Changepont’s programs help students move past the ignorance that empowers disrespect, intolerance, stereotyping, and bullying by creating environments and experiences where they discover an authentic empathy for one another. By seeing life “through the eyes” of their classmates, students gain understanding and trade a critical attitude for a compassionate perspective.